Robot pets are the future

Guardianship of a living thing is messy. They have needs besides your needs that need to be met. They are suppose to go to the vet to maintain their health. They get sick. They die. All of this can be a real downer financially and emotionally. They cost you money and heartache. Maybe you feel that you already have enough responsibilities and you don’t need another living thing to weigh you down? I know, that sounds cynical, but it is a real consideration for many people. Animals have their own minds and motivations and those motivations might not line up with your own.

Getting a pet is a crap shoot; you hope that they will be a good companion, but for the most part you don’t know how things will turn out. That is way robotic companionship is logical next version of animal companionship.  Who wants a pet that eats, has vet bills and eventually dies? Those are all net negatives. There is no other way to spin it. But a robot animal has none of those drawbacks. Sure, you can say that a robot will need “maintenance”, but that maintenance is not fraught with the same emotional turmoil as a living creature getting sick or injured. Also, robots don’t die. They stop working and you recycle them or throw them in the garbage.

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