Best Voice Recognition Software 2017

I’ve been looking around for some voice recognition software. I used to use Dragon Naturally Speaking a few years ago. But that software has become bloated over the years, and they’ve integrated other aspects that allow you to control the complete operation of your computer. I don’t need this I’m going to wait until there is a super artificial intelligence computer that can do my bidding, that I don’t have to wear a microphone on my head and pretend like this is artificial intelligence. So the search goes on. Microsoft has a built-in voice recognition software comma and I tested it, and the results were pretty miserable. I tested it out a few sentences and it got everything completely wrong. I know they’re takes time with most voice recognition software comma but this was to abysmal to even attempt. You only really want to invest a certain amount of time into something like this before you have to move on. The next best possible option was Google voice typing. The only real drawback is that you have to be in to Google Docs to make it work. And use Chrome browser.

I find it easiest to look away from the screen when using voice recognition software.

I usually use Firefox, because it’s what I’m used to but it’s not such a big deal when I can just go to Chrome and Google Docs by just clicking a button. I can just set this up as the homepage in Chrome and turn it on whenever I want to use it. So the results with Google Voice typing is really amazing. I just started using it for this article and it understood everything that I was saying immediately. This seems like it’s a really great alternative to Dragon Naturally Speaking which is turned into bloatware over the years and now to get the premium version as $195 which is kind of ridiculous considering what you’re getting. So I’m going to keep trying out Google voice typing for this blog and see what happens so far I’m really enjoying the results and I can see myself using this for a long time. Google does it again, those Evil Geniuses.

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