5 reasons Social Media sucks

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. These social networks have immense social value at present time. It’s the current popular way to connect to other people. It’s a fad that we unable to regard as a fad because we are told it is more than that. Remember myspace? If you were on that platform it seemed important at that time also. Now it is nothing more than a social network with virtual tumbleweeds. No one under 30 years old uses Facebook. It will soon be internet history, the only value left being personal information of billions of users sold to advertisers. When will we decide that social media really is a mirage, that it has no value to it’s participants?  Here are # reasons social media sucks and why we should abandon it.

1. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). Social networks work on the fear that if you don’t get an account and participate that you will miss out.

2. You create all the content Social media is genius simply for the reason that the networks rely on you to create all their content. What content does Facebook produce? Nothing of consequence besides business updates. They just site back and let you do all the work.

3. You don’t own your account All the content you produce and the time and effort is all owned by the social network. They try to perpetuate the myth that you own “your” account, but you own nothing. The social network can delete your account at any time.

4. Time Wasted Social networks are a great time killer. Great when you want to kill time, but that time wasting can become an insidious habit. How often do you find yourself mindlessly viewing social media because it’s what you do when you are bored? Is it fulfilling? Or do you find it compounds the boredom and listlessness?

5. Social networks create the illusion that you are connecting with friends. The social networks are in the business of making money. The networks create algorithms that prevent all your online friends from seeing your updates. Why? Because they want you to PAY a small fee so your posts can be seen by all your friends. Like any advertiser, you must pay to play.

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